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WELCOME to Colorado Eviction Group, a practice focus group of the Law Offices of Brandon R. Ceglian. There is a better way to do evictions – Streamlined.

High-Volume Evictions: Our eviction practice is primarily focused on assisting multi-unit Property Managers along the Colorado Front Range who oversee a significant number of Colorado evictions. We are unique in that we provide a cloud-based software platform that gives Property Managers a streamlined way to order, manage, and cancel their simple evictions anywhere, anytime, at a substantially discounted flat fee.

Medium / Low Volume Evictions: For Property Managers and Landlords who have the occasional eviction along the Colorado Front Range, we offer both flat fee and hourly rate eviction options.

Commercial Evictions: We also handle commercial evictions on behalf of Landlords and Tenants across Colorado.

Full-Service Leasing and Lease Disputes: In addition to evictions, we provide full-service landlord-tenant leasing and property management counsel and representation to Colorado residential and commercial Property Managers, Landlords, and Tenants.

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The future of evictions is here – streamlined.

High Volume Evictions

For Property Managers with 100 units or more, or who have high volume evictions, we give you the unique convenience of an eviction management software platform and discounted eviction flat fee pricing for properties across the Colorado Front Range..

Medium Volume Evictions

For Property Managers and Landlords with less than 100 Units, or who have their first or only the occasional eviction, we provide flat fee eviction pricing or hourly rate pricing for eviction representation across the Colorado Front Range.

Commercial Evictions

We assist commercial landlords and tenants across Colorado, giving you the confidence that you are represented by specialists in Colorado eviction law.

Residential Landlord Assistance

We assist residential landlords across the Front Range of Colorado with their evictions, lease and insurance reviews, LLC organization, and legal compliance.

What exactly is an “eviction?”

An “eviction” is any act of the lessor/landlord (or anyone claiming title either through or under the landlord, or a paramount title holder) by which his tenant is deprived of the beneficial enjoyment and use of the whole or a material or substantial part of the demised premises, or which shows an intent of the lessor’s part to permanently deprive or to seriously obstruct or interfere with the tenant’s quiet or peaceful enjoyment.  Eskanos and Supperstein v. Irwin, 637 P.2d 403, 405 (Colo.App. 1981); Robert S. Schoshinski, American Law of Landlord and Tenant § 3.3 (Law. Coop. Publ’g Co. 1980).

Technology Makes The Difference

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